Our Mission

We have created a fine private golf club that will always be low profile with like-minded members who respect the Club, the course, their fellow members and the staff. A Club that is traditional in nature creating a legacy and commitment to excellence.

Membership Opportunities

Providing the avid golfer and their family the opportunity to experience world-class golf in an exclusive, low volume and pristine setting has been the driving philosophy of True North since inception.

But once you stay here, you begin to see that True North is much more than golf. Our membership is both exclusive and welcoming, with members from a diverse geography.

A truly national membership heralding from across the country, all of our members have the common trait of appreciation of a championship course.

Types of Membership

True North Membership

Regular memberships are in the name of one individual, however, the spouse and dependents, under the age of 23 are granted full membership privileges.

Junior Membership

18-34 years old may join the Club for a down payment of the Initiation Fee and extended time to pay the balance. Also a 50% dues reduction with all the same rights and privileges of regular membership.

“One of Michigan’s best kept secrets. As good as golf gets.”

True North Member